How to behave with an escort – a few Dos and Don’ts

Here are some important tips on what not to do with an escort.

On Safety

Never ask for sex without condom. It’s not only dangerous but also ignorant and she will say no. Once she’s said no, you have to respect her decision.

In case you don’t, “You will be asked to leave immediately, and there will be no refund.” Escorts do talk to another escorts, and if your behaviour is bad and unsafe, word will spread.

On Respect

Don’t ever treat the escort like a whore. They may be doing this for a living but you don’t own them.

95% of men who visits escorts are gentlemen, only 5% are creepy. The gentlemen are regular guys. He may be the guy sitting next to you in your office or the Head of your company. They’re just missing something in their lives which can be fulfilled by escorts. Treat them with respect. Don’t ever be violent unless it’s part of the play and unless it’s discussed & agreed beforehand.

On Romance

Don’t fall in love with an escort. They are here to fulfil your fantasy, but they have separate lives and they have their own families. It’s easy to fall in love with them but visitors should keep their emotions at bay.

On Refunds

Do not ask for your money back because you came quickly or you didn’t get orgasm. Escorts are not in charge of your body, you are. No refund even if you failed to get it up at all, so don’t bother asking.

On Negotiating

Don’t negotiate. It may be common in some cultures but keep in mind that they are not a loaf of bread.”

On Hygiene

Always, be clean and never be dirty and smelly. If escort ask you to get shower first, don’t get offended. If she has to go down there, there’s nothing wrong to freshen up a little first and smell good.

On Disclosure

Tell escort in advance if you’re taking Cialis or Viagra. If a guy is on Viagra he might not really cum. Age is also an important factor. Tell your real age if escort asks. Some people feel a heart attack during wild sex would be the best way to go, but it’s not the pleasant situation for an escort.